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Meeting a gentle men from abroad!

I have recently met a client from abroad who travelled here to London on hes birthday to meet me and our date was hes treat for the b day, oh how flattered I was. He sent me an interesting role play he wanted to experience with me on this special day. I went to meet him in a gorgeous boutique hotel with very picturesque corridors and walls and interesting interior.

He was waiting for me with some cold bubbly and more importantly dressed in lady's panties and nylons underneath hes normal every day clothing, surprise surprise, now I like you even more!

I arrived in burgundy floor length mac, black high heels and a figure hugging dress, red lipstick followed by curly hair.

We had a small chat, there is no time to waist, i ask him to sit on the chair and handcuff hes arms with a par of fluffy pink handcuffs (oh yes… that is my style dominant and seductive, yet gentle and though full ) I disappear in to the bathroom to give hes heart race go a bit higher to reapply my bright red lipstick, remove my dress leaving just the underwear and the mac.

I make my appearance from the bathroom, he looks at me rather exited, I tease him and let him guess what is going to happen next, I can touch you, you cant touch me haha what a genius role play.

I remove my mac and show you all I have under neat it and take you to bed gently and slowly and playfully suggest you make the first move and taste me…

You have gentle hands and I adore it, your tongue knows what to do…

We finish with me on top, riding you until you are exhausted and satisfied. I pass you your drink, and grab my, give you a little wink and we exchange a few words on how lovely our time together was.

You are exhausted and it I beyond your usual bed time, busy gentle men always need to be on schedule, I get semi dressed just the mac ad underwear and leave with a big smile on my face and naughty memories.

Cant wait to see you again and I am glad I have made your day special

Until we meet again…  


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