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Let me tell you about my world. Imagine we’re together; our day starts in a tumble of satin pillows. Picture me waking slowly, my blonde hair tousled, my blue eyes still sleepy. Perhaps we have a leisurely kiss, you run your hands over my curvy body, we smile and laugh.

Later, we visit a gallery. This is one of my favourite occupations and I’m always happy to suggest exhibitions. When I’m off-duty, you’ll often find me at gallery openings and I love the theatre, ballet, gigs and classical concerts. Note: I’m no culture snob I’m as big a fan of Beyonce as Beethoven.

Back to our day together. As evening falls, we go for cocktails in the rooftop bar I reserve for my favourite gentleman. I appear, clad in a dress which clings to my curves, wearing high heels, my manicured nails curled around a glass. I’m dressed with elegance and restraint, but you can’t keep your eyes off me. Our conversations heats up.

Back at the hotel, you’ll finally get to glimpse my lingerie. High end stockings and suspenders, delicate wisps of silk and lace.


You’ll discover my sexual appetites are voracious. As well as being a soft and sensual lover, I’m experienced in the worlds of kink and fetish, and am always keen to explore further with a likeminded sexual hedonist.

I have always found erotically-charged encounters with new partners exhilarating, and it was this that led me to becoming a private companion.


I take great pleasure in surrendering myself to sensual desires, and teasing my lovers until they’re breathless.

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