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Love for hot sunshine and going bra less…

I have really been enjoining the sunshine and the warm weather and endless journeys to the park, walking with my bare feet on the green grass. London has truly blessed us with such a wonderful time, in the name of British optimism I hope it will continue until the late September. I have also been away enjoying the beach and the sea, there I quite nothing like walking bare feet, eating ice cream and watch people ass by, weaves from the sea and of course hungry and loud seagulls haha I do love feeding them. Being away made me realise how much I miss busy and dusty London, it will always be my second home, or shall I say home away from home haha

We are quite lucky here to have almost no mosquito’s (unless my travel destinations) as they whiz in the air trying to suck your blood out slightly ruining a late night drinks outside wearing a short skirt and a top.Did I mention this before but I absolutely adore going bra less for summer ? It feels so free and comfortable wink wink, I have this white slightly see through top with some wild berries print on it what I love wearing as wind blows right through it to cool me down. Same goes for summer dresses they just feel so light and adorable. If you manage to meet me for a lunch/dinner date in the summer time you know what to expect.

With love



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