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Anya Amasova

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The Prettiest Independent London Escort

Hi everyone, I'm Anya – I am the prettiest independent London escort offering in calls & outcalls in central London & international travel.  

I'm an open-minded companion and play partner. The best way to describe me would be that I am an independent and professional beautiful lady on your arm. I offer a more traditional high-class girlfriend experience or an exciting combination of the kink sessions with full service contact.

I’m well suited to those looking for a private experience with an elite luxury lady, international travel companion or an open-minded Russian muse. Physically I am busty, slender and firm, with a curvy bottom, and 32 H breasts. I also have glossy skin, long blond hair and bright blue eyes.  If you’re into the idea of an alternative, tattooed escort, you'll love my tattoos as they have large artistic designs on my beautiful body. I dress smartly in lingerie and form fitted pencil skirts or dresses. I also dress casually in black jeans, boots and a crisp white shirt.






Clients tend to book me for dinner dates in the city of London or extended bookings where we might see a gig or a show before heading back to the hotel room for dessert. Did I mention that I also travel with clients and love the odd weekend away? My clients are usually intelligent, successful men between 30-60 years-old, but many people should feel free to book sessions with me outside of that category.

I also am available for couples to lead and dominate the lady or the man, or maybe both. I have preferred real-life lovers with whom I like to work as part of a lady-couple team, and those particular people also work independently if one is looking for escorts for women. 

Recent client review: "Anya spent 2 delightful hours with me and my wife, dominating me in a sensual way and teasing me to the maximum, then relieving, what made me not want her to leave ever, she did not look at the watch once, but left exactly on time."



The Perfect Date with an Luxury Companion

You kissed me good bye as the elevator door was shutting slowly, leaving you with a glimpse of my slightly smudged lipstick.


A couple of hours ago, I was getting ready for the evening of delight spent in your company. My long blond hair made curly, applying a thick coat of mascara on to the lashes, scarlet red lipstick of course, and your favourite perfume J'adore by Dior. 


You were waiting for me at the lobby of Savoy, my absolute favourite, what takes me back right to the era of breakfast at Tiffany’s. You are such a gentleman and had champagne already waiting for me, you wink and hand me the food menu, but I have something else on my mind. I realise I am not hungry, at least not for food. 


I take a sip of champagne suggesting we move somewhere more private for the dessert. As we walk down the corridor, you have the best views of the London Eye; you surely know how to impress a girl.


It is a darling design, but I am interested only in you as I unbutton your shirt you are kissing my neck. Oh what a great kisser you are, I have forgotten, I have flashbacks; you are my dessert. Your hand is holding my waist firmly; you know I love to be held just like that.

You remove my figure hugging dress to discover I am wearing no bra, not even panties, and your eyes light up while firmly grab my bum. Oh, it’s been too long since we got together.

You guide me on to the desk where you have unfinished paper work from earlier today, as I lay down you work your tongue along my whole body not missing one bit, adoring my artistically pretty tattoos and kiss them down.


I am ready to feel you deep inside me; you can read my body language and follow my thoughts as you enter me. It feels divine, I have missed you so much daddy, my scarlet red lipstick is smudged, but I couldn’t care less as I want you to reach your peak and explode in pleasure. 

In bed, I lay down on your chest to rest for a minute, you took my breath away, my pulse is still racing, you give me a kiss on my forehead while staring in to my eyes. I see a cheeky, sort of a satisfactory grin. 

My evenings spent with you are always divine, daddy. As the clock hit 11pm I have to leave, you walk me to the elevator and I long to see you again. 


Why did I become an Independent escort?


There was always something exciting about meeting a stranger at a restaurant, bar or a hotel to then later disappear into their arms and fulfil both of our fantasies and sometimes even kinks.


I love the idea of gentlemen opening up to me over email talking about their desires, wants, kinks, and adventures. They would like to explore with me, what may have been only in their mind for quite a long time, now moving to reality, whilst I grace them with my company and time.


This is just one of the many reasons I truly enjoy being an independent escort or in other words personal companion.


It is exciting to have the butterflies in your stomach when entering the hotel you have never been to, holding phone in one hand, and a slightly large handbag (filled with naughty toys) in other. Then scanning with my eyes the way to the lift, pressing the button of your floor and looking for your room number. Meeting you for the first time with the initial shyness perhaps for a minute or two, drinks shared, and maybe some chocolates if I feel like a treat.


After our date I disappear in a cab; you are left with memories and my sweet scent on your lips.


I usually follow up with a thank you email the next day. That is one of the advantages to make your experience more personal, rather than working for an agency as an example. It is all about tailoring your experience to have the best moments together.


I also really like being taken to restaurants, enjoying a wonderful meal together as we talk about life, the universe, and your dreams. Then we’d share a dessert or bottle of bubbly.


Sometimes I am lucky to have met a gentlemen who is a lover of classic music, who’s invitation to the Royal Opera House I gladly accept, being a lover of classic music and opera myself. I am happy to be a fully independent companion and taken to such delightful and memorable places.


Another thing that I appreciate is a scheduled phone call before our meeting; to hear one’s voice and see whether your voice is as I imagined or totally different, it always comes as a surprise.


Who does not enjoy travelling? Especially to hot destinations with busy gentlemen who often find themselves in different parts of the world on daily basis. Work commitments do not allow them to be flexible, therefore, I would meet them at their destinations, travel together, accompany to meetings, or just lay by the pool catching a tan and later luxuriate in the bubble bath. I’ll do my hair and make-up, get dressed to be ready for when he comes from work, to forget about it all in my arms.

I like to be in charge of my time, schedule and life. Perhaps that is how I been brought up to be self-sufficient in other ways; not only work.


And this is why I became an independent escort, based in one of the best cities in the world - London.

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