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Visiting the vineyard and wine tasting

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Me and a friend took a good drive (almost a road trip) to the coast of England and it was fantastic and so worth it, we visited a small family run vineyard accompanied with wine tasting.

At first we were taken on a small tour outside to see the grapes what were gorgeous and green not yet ready to be ripe enough for harvesting, then we were taken inside to see the actual wine production, on a small range, it is truly not a commercial level of production what made it very exclusive, apparently they do not sell their wine in retail but only at the vineyard how old school is that ? Gives one a sense of importance…

The tour guide was a charming and funny gentle men who proudly spoke about the vineyard pointing to the picture of Queen Elizabeth visiting the their stall at one of the shows, he really took pride in hes job and the vineyard.

We followed with the wine tasting, gorgeous new flavours, quite fresh somewhat fruity mainly white and blush rose and sparkling wine, and to my surprise a ginger wine , what to my liking was a tad too sweet but still what a interesting flavour and so unusual as well.

This made me want t learn mre abut different types of wines nd visit much more vineyards and wine tastings in the future… hopefully also abroad as I did when much younger somewhere in France.

 My favourite wine still is champagne and prossecco and occasions red. He told us a few general facts about ever changing wine industry, one of the things apparently cork or screw top are absolutely the same and make no difference whatsoever, to what I was really surprised, perhaps a snob in me prefers the cork ha ha

Another fact was, china is the biggest producer of wine in the world currently, how is this possible ? What a strange world we live in.

We had a lovely lunch afterwards of course loads of cheese.

We left the vineyard, making our way to the sea side, it was so windy, yet sun was shining bright…

A hot tea for me please, hot chocolate for my friend to take a walk in pebble covered beach. The city felt empty…

I guess its because it was Sunday?

One dessert later we returned to the car and drove back to beautiful and overcrowded London. The drive was beautiful.


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