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Tie and tease...

I was delighted to hear you are after tie and tease session, it is my absolute favourite. You were so detailed in your emails I could just see it in my mind before I even met you. The day was coming closer and you getting more exited by the day. Tuesday morning is here and I receive a message in my phone from you of course, saying how exited you are to see me this planned and kinky afternoon. You know how much I like to plan, I am a busy girl after all.

You are here, with a bottle of red and a water. I greet you with a kiss, your eyes light up and you bow down in front of me, knowing you have to be a good boy from the start, you know how to please your misstress. Music is playing, it is different this time, Mozart - Symphony No. 40 to set the mood right. You are guided to the chair where you sit down and place your hands behind you, your hands are cuffed, your legs follow and then my favourite part, the blindfold as I look in to your eyes and slide it on your forehead, give u a wink, slide it over your eyes, you are truly under my control.

You cant move, blindfolded just with me, safe, what a perfection. You hear sounds and guess, it is probably a bottle of wine or perhaps water ?

I pour the wine for me and water for you, it is full body red, I take a sip,whilst you have to deserve your wine… I stand behind you touching your ears and neck, sliding my perfectly manicured nails down your shoulders teasing you sliding them down your arms moving on to your nipples, as I play with your nipples you moan just a bit for me to understand how sensitive they are, I am now teasing your leg and brushing it up and down, you suddenly feel slightly uneasy in your tight suit ( you came to me straight from work) now needing a bit more space down there, don’t worry I will set you free very soon but now let me play with you for a bit. I love your cologne, woody yet sweet scent, and reach down to give you a wet and warm kiss, smudging my red glossy lipstick.

You have been such a patient and good boy, perhaps you deserve a sip of wine and a glimpse of my beautiful body as I lift the blindfold you are so exited to see me again like we just met, I move the blindfold back down, your 10 seconds of pleasure came to an end. I tickle your stomach and tease you with a flogger, it arouses your skin and gives you little goose bumps all over your body. You feel so tense, I love it, i rub my naked body against your arm ,grinding on you and then turn around, push your face in to my luscious breasts allowing you to enjoy them just for a second before pulling away you manage to get a good kiss and feel of my sensual nipples.

You have been such a good boy you are rewarded, I take the hand cuffs off and sit on top of you, you can feel me all, oh god this feels magical, you feel so aroused tense and teased you are about to explode, finally you are allowed to touch me properly, kissing my breasts reaching down my bum, squeezing my legs. You are allowed to kiss me holding my waist, you feel so relieved.

I see an exhausted smile on your face, you deserve more wine, you earned every sip, you have been such a good boy. It was an intense couple of hours, just exactly what your body and mind needed after you submitted this project at work what has been stressing you for the past 2 months. Our time spent together makes you realise you have been working such a long days and need to free up your diary to spend time exploring your kinks.


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