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Holidays… now I am back

I have been enjoying my self being away and spending time with my fiends and family in beautiful Russia, it is so refreshing to leave busy London sometimes for a breath of fresh air and local food, the nature and different environment. On my trip away I have taking on a new drink what is beer, not a usual preferred drink of my, but a friend has persuaded me in to having “just the one” Ha ha with some snacks and fresh cheese, it was truly refreshing and now I am a beer convert, however nothing can beat my love for champagne it is the no 1 choice.

Feeling refreshed and re energised I am taking on new sport and also returning back to the gym, with my gym buddy, whom I am very lucky to have.

I am a bit sad as summer is officially over and I am really not looking forward to the cold, especially cold mornings cold evenings and warm-ish days where you need to carry “the jacket” on your arm, what does not help if you are a take out coffee lover like my self ha ha

I am looking forward to layering my clothes and shopping sprees for winter clothes, even thou I must admit I am not a fan of big cardigans, I always gt away with wearing quite light clothes and a big coat in winter, as London winter isn't really a winter compared to Russia.

To escape the cold I will be going away in November to a warm destination I wont reveal yet.

I am looking forward to the exiting dates we have planned with gentle men who treat me like a true lady, could a girl wish for more ?

I shall update you soon

Good morning and have a wonderful day




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