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Holiday blues for Thailand…

It has been a while since I last visited Thailand, loads of wonderful memories came up in my mind.

It was a cold winter, just before Christmas, I remember quite a long overnight flight getting there, it was rather amusing as I spent most of the time chatting to a stranger who told me he met he’s wife on the plane.

 Walking out of the airport I felt a hot flush of stuffy air. Then contrast of the cold air conditioned bus what took us to the hotel, a giant hotel complex may I say.

 I just could not get enough of the sun and hotness. I took multiple trips around, one of my favourites was the floating market with beautiful fruits and vegetables on sale, the colours were breathtaking and fruits tasted so sweet and juicy, I feared I wont be able to eat them again in Europe/Russia as I am so spoiled for choice here.

 I also remember the amazing azure blue sea, so salty

with big waves and hot breeze.

I took a parachute attraction of some sort where they drag you on a boat in the air as I was enjoying the view, I could not stress enough of my bikini getting looser and looser whilst I am still in the air and in fear of a “nude accident” whilst somebody was taking pictures of me, thanks god it did not happen and I landed back with my bikini still on, will certainly not advise you to do any such activities in a tie up bikini haha

 Another thing what comes in mind is the wonderful and friendly people I felt like a celebrity as people were complementing me right left and centre, and even one gentle men brought me a gift whilst I was getting my nails done in a open shopping centre nail salon.

People seemed to be more care free, relaxed and happy then here In the Uk or Russia, riding their scooters and air conditioned cars to work, it was a busy city where I went rush hour seems to be starting earlier, as population is quite large it might be rush hour all day long.

 Did I mention how much I enjoyed the +40c heat ? I must say it at least few more times, the heat felt dry and lovely.

 The best “warm” moment comes in to mind when I took a shower and went to the balcony straight away and I was not cold t all I was still warm, unlike in Russia or England where I am frozen the second I step out haha

I also visited the breathtaking diamond factory where I got my self a lovely ring.

We were celebrating New years eve there in the huge hotel complex with loads of wonderful food, drinks and of course entertainment, just by the sea and ice sculptures what were melting at a fast pace in the +40c heat which I still continued to love.

 I have met a friendly and interesting girl and a boy as the New years celebration went on and we have decided to have a quick swim in the swimming pool in our clothes with no regrets, it is a New years eve I will never forget.

I herd loads of Russian language, I thinks it is a popular destination for all, I have never met a person who went to Thailand and had anything bad to say, I guess you cant fault a paradise city.

On the last morning of our trip just before leaving I realised I have fallen in love with this beautiful country and shed a tear whilst leaving.

The weather shock on returning back left me ill with a cold for 2 weeks, but it was all worth it, I hope to return to this beautiful country soon.




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