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Are you available at a short notice ?

I am afraid not, having quite a busy diary, i like to plan my time in advance (at least a week or a few days) luxuriate in bath and get ready before our date, however do get in touch to find out about my schedule, as on a rare occasions i might have unexpected availability, such as cancellation or same day appointments, but please leave plenty of time for logistics.

Where are you located/ can you visit me ?

Central London. A hotel or apartment, however out calls are always prioritised, nothing can beat the excitement of coming to visit you in your own home or hotel room, I find it rather adventurous. I can visit you in a hotel or your private residential (subject to screening).

Are you interested in a long term arrangement ?

Absolutely, tell me what do you have in mind?

Deposits /Screening/ Cancellations

I do require a deposit for our time spent together. Deposit is not refundable, however it can be transferred if re arranging our date within next 3-4 weeks. If cancelling within 48 h a 50% booking fee should be paid by you. Screening information is always required (such as utility bill, your full name, address, or hotel room number and name on the reservation ) and/or references from other workers, especially if we have not met before. 

Diet/ Drinks/Alcohol

I am vegetarian and prefer healthy food, but love to indulge (especially desserts) when it comes to wine i enjoy mature red or champagne.


Do you have a friend to join us ? 

Yes. I am lucky to have quite a few gorgeous friends who company I enjoy dearly, you can see them on my friends page.

Can i bring you a gift ?

Gift are always appreciated, but never expected. You can get inspired here.

Should i TIP?

This is a great alternative to a gift (if you prefer) and a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation of my input in making sure our time spent together is exceptional. 

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